Thursday, February 27, 2014

This is for all you Steampunk Fans!

I got the idea to make a steampunk kit a few weeks ago and I got so excited about it. I thought of all these wonderful things I planned to put in it and wanted to sit down right then and there to complete it. It didn't exactly happen in one sitting, but I am thrilled with the results. First, I worried that these kits tend to be heavy on the dark colors, so I decided mine would not be like all the others. I used a few colors that brighten it up perfectly. I hope you love it as much as I do.

This kit has not one, but TWO awesomely decorated hats. Get ready to transport yourself into my crazy gadgety, cog and gear-filled world. And you get to have it for 20% through the weekend! At the end of this post, find out how you can get a set of gorgeous matching glitter styles.

One last thing before you dive in to this fun, you will want to make a point to check back in a week, because the steampunk goodness will continue. That's all I am saying for now. Meanwhile, enjoy these gorgeous pages and click the first image to go to my store.

Check out these amazing pages my CT made with Steampunk World!

By Cath

Even Art Journaling pages can be made. Above left, by Susan and on right, by Gloria; Below by Alex

Above left, by Susanne and on right, by Jennifer Lynn; Below by Conny

Above left, by Flor and on right, by Cath; Below by Lisa

Above left, by Cath and on right, by Lilja; Below by Sharon

Above left, by Lisa and on right, by Sharon; Below by Lisa

About that freebie now.... How about a set of matching glitters? These were made by my talented CTM Catherine (Cat). Get it by signing up for my newsletter if you haven't already done so. Sign up by clicking this image.

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