Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Happy, Scrappy Hour!!!

Welcome to Key Lime Digi Design's very first Friday Happy Scrappy Hour! Happy Hours will feature a variety of different challenges. One week it may be a speed scrap held on facebook; another time it may be a template or a color challenge.  

I'm Lisa-Lisa from The Cherry On Top.  I'm a Creative Team member for Key Lime Digi Design. This week we kick off with a Combo- it's a color challenge with a Pagemap to follow along with. Take some inspiration from the page map AND the colors shown below.  You have one week to finish this mission.

Below, you will see a colour palette that mirrors many of the same hues in several kits from KLDD, including the recent freebies.  So, there is no reason you can't play along.  This challenge is also designed to invite card makers and paper scrappers as well. 

I'm giving you the palette, the Pagemap sketch template AND links to grab KLDD free stuff so that everyone can participate.  You've got a week to gather your goodies and put it all together. On Thursday, one randomly chosen scrapper will win Indigo Serenade (scroll down for image).

1.  Make sure at least three of these colours are in your layout.  

2.  Here is the sketch template to follow.

 pagemaps on pinterest

This sketch template is provided by pagemaps.  They have hundreds of templates to help you get started with your scrappy endeavours when inspiration seems to be lacking.

3.  Make sure at least 50% of your layout is from KLDD.

This image is linked up to KLDD's Facebook Page where you can download the FREE papers. While you're there sign up for the newsletter to get the FREE elements.


Need inspiration? These two kits are perfect for this challenge. Just click on either image which will take you to the store. (Bonus secret: When you buy Indigo Serenade, there is a 25% off coupon inside, so you can save while you build your stash).



Lastly, Show us your Layout. We have a place just for that in our facebook group, KLDD's Challenge Spot. If you don't use facebook, you can post your pages or their shortened links here as a comment. Winner will be announced in the next newsletter and a future blog post, so keep your eye on the prize. This is what the winner gets!

Full kit is now on sale 20% off at Mscraps

So, there is your challenge for this week.  Gather your goodies and get scrapping.  You deserve it!

Just a reminder--- anyone who subscribed to the newsletter will get this mini add-on when the next one goes out. Tell your friends! 

Layout by Conny using both the kit and the add-on

We'll see you back here with the link to your layout, card or project and a winner will be chosen.  We can't wait to see what beautiful things you create.


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  3. Thank you so much for the newsletter this morning. I just discovered your beautiful kits!!! I adore those layouts your cts made......awesome. I bought both of the blue kits; love them and can't wait to make some pages. Thanks for the freebie bonuses, too.Hugs,Joyce

  4. Hi and good afternoon, I'm almost finished with my layout, only I can't figure out how to upload it to the FB challenge page. Do I have to join the Group to be able to upload it? I'm not big on FB and try to minimize my exposure there as much as possible because of FB's various policies.

    I am also uncertain as to how to post it here, as Lisa has done, since I don't use Flickr or any other online services like that. The online world is just becoming too dangerous ... Adobe and Target hacked, burglars and perverts using the GPS coordinates contained in digital photographs to spy on people, especially children, and all kinds of other issues popping up on an almost daily basis.

    Is it all right for me to post my layout to my blog and then send you that link?

  5. Oops, I have another problem. For some reason, the backgrounds of almost all the PNG files in the Days of Gold kit have turned to BLACK instead of being transparent. I only need to add the spatter/scatter, and I'm done with my layout. However, I don't know how to fix this issue so that I only copy the actual artwork, not a black square with the artwork on it. This is prolly one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me.

    BTW, I retrieved the original zipfiles from storage, but when I unzipped them, all of the same files had the black background. I know that they weren't like this before. My computer has been acting up lately. Could it do something like this randomly?

  6. I sent you a message with the link for the layout on my blog. I probably did it all wrong as only the layout came up with I clicked on the link, not the blog. To be on the safe side, I'm sending you the link here as well.

    I think it turned out pretty well after all.

  7. Contest is now closed. Thanks for playing!