Monday, August 25, 2014

CT CALL! I want you!

Massive Sale at Mscraps in both my CU and PU stores...check!
Too many ideas in my brain to run out...check!
Add to my Creative Te... wait!

I knew there was something really important to do as well...and that is fill up a few spots on my Creative Team.

I really love doing what I do and my team is always ready to help. This makes for a great recipe. My current team is made up of a "paper style" scrappers, cluster scrappers, art journal scrappers, you get the drift. I will be looking at balance, proper shadowing, overall appeal and if I think you'll do well with my style kits. I want someone who will stick with me for the long haul because you love my kits.

My team finds it really easy to keep up with my releases. I have a pretty average pace and I try to give plenty of advance notice. If you think you got experience and enough time to join my team, please apply. Even if you are not sure, apply. We all underestimate ourselves.

If you haven't heard yet..I am the Featured Designer for 2 weeks at Mscraps! YAY! It is also the middle of our HUGE summer party/sale. See that golden kit in the ad right below? It's yours FREE when you spend $6 in my store. It began as a past mini freebie, but I turned it into a full size kit and it is stunning. (I'll let you in on a remains my favorite kit ever)

Because our sale is SO MASSIVELY AWESOME, (mine is 50% off everything...yup EVERYTHING- PU and CU!) it will be easy to have a very nice collection for next to nothing to fulfill and get that kit. Here's a peek!

Watch for the daily ONE DOLLAR item in our Flash Sales. They overlap so two days are active at all times.

With facebook making so many changes lately that really harms our organic reach of designer's posts, it seems that only a fraction of our followers see those posts. I am trying to figure out the best way to reach you guys without blowing up mailboxes. 

There are a few things YOU can do to help with this. 
1. If you like my designs, truly like them, that you don't want KLDD to fall off your feed, click LIKE on some of my posts occasionally. Facebook will remember in the future, and the more you do that to designers you like, you will only see more of them and less of the stuff you really don't like. Even better than a like...I love it when you share - I sometimes do RAKs. 

2. Liking a page to get freebies is disappearing soon, but please remember, unliking a designer will cause them to fall off your feed, so please consider this before going in and 'unliking' everyone. We will still have freebies, etc. We are all in the same boat and wish each other success. I think the answer is up there in #1.

3. Tell me what you prefer. The last thing I want to do is upset anyone by being too frequent. This is a learning curve. If I am too frequent in facebook, tell me. 

4. I find that following the right facebook groups help pare down the excess stuff in your threads. I quit about 75% of the groups I was in...those that were really irrelevant to me. I might not be as well known but it doesn't matter...I want to reach my audience, folks who want to scrap beautiful pages - to scrap their memories.

5. The more you guys engage back to me, the more opportunities I'll have to reach out with RAKS. With forum activity not quite what it once was, I miss that interaction. I hope to see more folks head back into them. Let's all give our forums some love! 

6. TIP- always check your "OTHER" message box from facebook. I have had contests in the past and the winners I reached out to, never responded. See image at the end of the post.

7. If you have a great tip, please share in the comments. Love you guys! Now apply for my CT, already!

Friday, August 1, 2014

New Releases and a Freebie!

Hey guys!
It sure seems like a long time since I posted. I hope you will find what I have worth the wait!
I loved the palette for the August Memory Mix over at Mscraps. I have 6 parts, all $1 or $2.
At the end of this post, I also have a coordinating mini FREEBIE to go with whatever parts you buy.

I have a complete mini kit called Midsummer Medley and I think it pairs nicely with my Dainty Lace Alpha!

On a more playful side, I put together these elements, flairs and papers to make a super cute set called Sweet On You.

...and my FAVORITE...these Sparkle Papers tie all of the parts together perfectly!

Here are some pages from the creative team. Imagine all that you can do with these.

Now for your freebie!

This mini goes perfectly with any of the above kits.
One HALF is here...the other HALF for getting my newsletter.
If you don't already get it, it's easy. Sign up here.

click image

Hope you like it!

Here is my Store. Go ahead, you know you wanna!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I have some sad news to report. Last week one of my CT members (Cath) died suddenly of a heart attack. One could easily recognize Cath's amazing page layouts and I was always impressed when she would whip together one of her very best pages within 15-20 minutes. Cath was a purely sweet soul as well.  We loved her and will miss her very much. I would say any designer lucky enough to have worked with her really did have a dream team member. 

Please look at some of my favorite "purely Cath" layouts. Her Gallery is here.

"My Favorite"

Cath had been anxiously awaiting the completion of this collab between myself and Vicki of Dana's Footprint Digital Designs. She had insisted we get together since Cath was on both creative teams and thought our styles would blend well together. 

Creative Team Layouts









This kit is dedicated to Cath. Vicki and I will donate all the proceeds of this collab to her family. It will be available until Aug 31 and is 20% off this weekend only.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Collab, Coupon, Freebies galore!

I am so excited to tell you...we are adding all kinds of really interesting and different challenges over at Mscraps, we added a lot of peeps to the team and we are making M the place to be.

We have some new designers joining us and right away I knew I wanted to do a collab with one of them - Grace of Hat of Bunny and I put this beauty together. Our teams did an amazing job with it, don't you think? Click image to head over to the store.  You might even want to check out this challenge, this kit might just be perfect for it!

Check out these gorgeous layouts from the team, and the freebies to follow!

Grab this freebie right here, then check out my Facebook and Newsletter for the other coordinating pieces!

These freebies are available here:

       Facebook                                                            Newsletter

That's not all!!!  

Coupon good for my entire PU Store!
I had a birthday this past Saturday and I wanted to tease everyone with a contest to guess my age. It was fun, because I'm told that I do not look my age. There were some silly guesses as well, but in the end the reveal is that I am 54. I feel 35 in my mind and I act 12 some days. To thank my customers and those who played, I am offering a coupon for 27% off personal use items (except collabs). Buy as much as you want, and as often as you need the code. It's like my whole store is on sale---until June 15th!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

CU/PU Vintage Sheet Music Galore!

I knew that when I got started, I wouldn't be able to stop. 

A while back I scored an amazing deal - a box-full of antique piano sheet music. I dragged it off the shelf and got completely lost while looking through them. The oldest date I found was 1898. It was easy to step back and imagine living in that era.
Just a few names you may have heard of... Al Jolson, Marie Cahill, Gene Autry, and the Marx Brothers to start. Speaking of the Marx Brothers...can you spot Groucho? These sheets are useful for making stamps to create amazing papers or can be used as is in your Personal Use kits. Take a closer look at some of the vocabulary and styles of the day. Save more when you buy the whole bundle!
These will be 20% off through Sunday...and when you buy them bundled, you'll get the best savings.
Have a great trip down memory lane just like I did!

Til next time!