Thursday, July 18, 2013

Close to My Heart Mini Kit

I promised to give this freebie when I hit 250 facebook page likes on my KLDD page and thanks to you I am climbing ever higher. For a while I thought I would never see anything created with my kits...but boy, after a few days you should see them grow. Many of them are posted right there on the fb page. You can add yours if you like.  If you DO like my designs and want more, please Like the page and help my numbers go up. Thanks!

I created this one for another challenge hosted at ScrapMatters. You can scrap with this or any kit within the given color swatch to earn a full kit given by the host, KimB. (Time is short, so hurry!)

I like these monthly challenges because it gives me the perfect sized goal to create something new. You can look forward to more from me!

Page by Pam:

Page by Gloria:

This is my favorite kit so far. I couldn't wait to put my peacock feather in a kit finally. I extracted a couple of them a few months ago and they were just gathering dust. Plus this one had me stretching into learning so much more to achieve the right effects throughout. I really enjoyed making "Close to my Heart"

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Til next time!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I have another freebie coming soon!

I think I am going to like these monthly design challenges at Scrapmatters. Perfect for giving me a timeline and once I got going this time I couldn't stop! Here is a sneak peek.

I think it is my favorite so far. Some of the elements stretched my learning. I extracted that peacock feather. Yes...extracted a peacock feather...don't try this at home! I learned a really cool way to add patina to a very dimensional element, just to name a couple. Papers used to scare I love em!

Tell your friends and if you haven't done so yet, please go like my facebook page by clicking here! The full reveal is there now! As soon as the facebook page gets 250 likes, this kit will be unlocked! Be sure you are LIKING THE PAGE, not just a post.

See you soon!

Monday, July 1, 2013

My first "Boy" Kit

I's been too long. Work got in the way, but that's a good thing. Plus, I have been working hard at learning more tricks of the trade and have made some other cool things and have them tucked away for later.

Meanwhile, I saw this gorgeous palette for the Scrapmatters June Color Challenge...Just the thing to kick me into gear...My first thought was what a pretty peach and pink...

So wouldn't ya know it..I start creating and the next thing you know it is looking more like a boy kit!

Layout by Bec:

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