Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pinky Promise- New Kit

Hello again! I am basking in a full 5 days off work for the first time since I can't remember. It's a staycation and since I moved to the condo of my dreams this past May, I have no reason to go anywhere. I am taking the time to sleep in, organize things and stay up late creating, reading and playing stupid ap games on my phone like a teenager!

There is another reason I don't want to go too far from home. Here in the Keys, we are descended upon by hoards of Lobster Mobsters every late July. It is a preview to the commercial harvesting of the Florida Spiny Lobster that starts in a week. They have a daily limit for two days (which are not adhered to by a large majority---sad). Without boring you with the details, it is best to stay off the roads until it ends. Meanwhile, I stocked up on groceries and have no responsibilities for a few more days.

I mentioned the move to the condo up there...and I have to share this photo outside my window. So you can see why staying home IS a vacation!

I still pinch myself some days. Yeah, it is more than I have ever paid to live somewhere, but then again, it was no more than many dry lot places that were available...easy to choose!

Here is my next kit release...Pinky Promise! And you can get it 40% off right now!

Here are the papers in detail

Creative Team Inspiration!

Proof you can do a 'boy' page!

I hope each of you are taking some time for yourself. You need some beauty, some relaxation and sometimes just a break from whatever....I leave you with wishes for a happy August!

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