Thursday, February 5, 2015

Limited time-$2... Mini kit just in time for Valentine's Day

Hey guys! February's Memory Mix parts came out right smack in the middle of our birthday sale, which ends later today, by the way! If you hurry you can get anything in my PU or CU stores at 40% off.

I just finished moving my personal business ( a print shop) in the month of January and part of December which is why I've been scarce. I couldn't wait to crack my design knuckles when I felt everything was put away and organized. I had just moved my home a few months prior to that, so no more moving in my future (til next

I love the subtle color shifts in this LUSCIOUS (that's the right word, I'm sure) kit. It has all the best bits and is just as versatile as a much larger one. Honestly, super big kits overwhelmed me back when I was a customer. Of course, you can mix and add portions from the Memory Mix category which is why I love doing these.

You have just a short time left to get this for $ here is the link (click image). Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

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